Tipping Point

A report on San Francisco poverty

Tipping Point combats systemic poverty in the San Francisco Bay Area. They wanted a year-end digital report that would showcase progress and call attention to poverty data.

My Role: UX and visual design


The theme “Out of Sight” represents the unseen mechanisms which drive poverty. Through a single scroll report, we wanted to narrate a linear story, supported by data, about the state of poverty in the Bay Area. Given the relative simplicity of a single scroll experience, we wanted to include a number of visual flourishes via JavaScript to liven the experience.

I worked with a copywriter and strategist to design the structural and visual progression of the report. The challenge was to marry data, text, and visuals into a cohesive storytelling product.

Once the report was mocked up in high fidelity, I worked with the developers to define all of the page positions that would queue scripts and transitions.